Wrong livelihood (MN 117)

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In the MN 117 we have the definition of wrong livelihood as follow:

Katamo ca, bhikkhave, micchāājīvo? Kuhanā, lapanā, nemittikatā, nippesikatā, lābhena lābhaṃ nijigīsanatā—ayaṃ, bhikkhave, micchāājīvo.

From SC we have 3 versions of MN 117 in English translation:

Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation:

“And what, bhikkhus, is wrong livelihood? Scheming, talking, hinting, belittling, pursuing gain with gain: this is wrong livelihood.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s translation:

And what is wrong livelihood? Scheming, persuading, hinting, belittling, & pursuing gain with gain. This is wrong livelihood.

Sister Uppavalanna’s translation:

Bhikkhus, what is wrong livelihood? Deceit, muttering for a livelihood, soothsaying, performing jugglary and coveting for gain on gain.

Bhikkhu Bodhi’s and Thanissaro’s translation is much closer, but Sister Uppalavanna’s translation is very different, especially for nemittikatā (hinting vs soothsaying) and nippesikatā (belittling vs performing jugglary).

I’m not a Pali language specialist or translator, but can anyone help me which translation is more accurate and reliable?

Thank you :anjal:

I like to know how Bhante @sujato translate this.

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