Can we get a light saber emoji?

sabbamitta: Is there a way to add a light saber to the emojis? That would certainly be worth it!



here you go: :lightsaber:

with metta,


Waaah, that’s so cool!
Thanks Mat!
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Just heard that it was Ayya @Vimala who made the light saber emoji.
Thanks, Ayya, you are the best! :sparkling_heart: :hugs:

And check this out: :darth_vader: :chewbacca:



Wow, that was quick! Great, thank you so much! :lightsaber: :yoda_sw: :darth_vader:

Deeply impressed!

May the Noble Wisdom thrive and prosper on this forum and everywhere! :heartpulse: :lightsaber: :vulcan_salute:

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Maybe a thread on how EBT, ‘may you live long and prosper’ is, the vulcan greeting, would be great! :vulcan_salute:


Interesting to note, in Tibetan Buddhism the bodhisattva Manjushri who is the bodhisattva of wisdom is depicted with a sword with flames - the sword of wisdom - in his right hand and a book, another symbol of wisdom, in his left.


The flame sword very much resembles a light saber, doesn’t it? Maybe Manjushri’s real name is Yodha instead? In this case the light saber emoji is already around for some time… !


:c3po: :lightsaber_red: :r2d2: :stormtrooper: :vader:


Thank you Ayya Vimala :hugs: :hugs:

Ehm, :rofl:
The green guy from star wars is YODA.

My name Yodha is a compleeeetely unrelated Pali word and means warrior.

Although there seems to be some Yoda-Buddha crossover:

Warning: exercise sense restraint and do not open if a Yoda-like Buddha figure is problematic for you!




Interesting. I can’t really think of a sword being used in the EBTs to denote wisdom (the written word and hence books didn’t exist either), for some reason- talking of light sabers and swords, the weapon that is used to denote wisdom is the bow and arrow!

This ties in nicely with the What is my essence thread’ right now- the bow is held by a yodha (warrior) AN 4.181, at the right tension, and when the arrow flies is when the conditions are right (burrowing now from ‘Zen in the art of archery’-

Herrigel describes as follows:
"(…) The archer ceases to be conscious of himself as the one who is engaged in hitting the bull’s-eye which confronts him. This state of unconscious is realized only when, completely empty and rid of the self, he becomes one with the perfecting of his technical skill, though there is in it something of a quite different order which cannot be attained by any progressive study of the art (…)" [link]

Realization cannot be had intentionally. It just happens- it is not possible to consciously pierce the first arrow with a second arrow- a simile which is used for penetration or realization. It requires a subtle hold- not too strong (not too dense kind of samadhi) and not too light (not enough effort, just spending time on Buddhist sites!) -at just the right tension the arrow will fly- on its own- there is no one shooting- no shot to be claimed as mine- it is entirely not possible to claw one’s way into nibbana, but the effort needs to put in to develop the basic foundations and causes. It would be safe to say we cannot be consciously aware when it is the factors are perfect to merge together for that instant. The idea of ‘my realization’ is a false one.

Conceit might say otherwise, afterwards, but if the exact moment of realization is re-examined, intention had no role to play. It took place on its own, as much as a strike of thunder- another simile for realization.

For other Yodhajiva suttas:

with metta

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Thank you Bhante, it was my pleasure making them!


Dear Bhante @yodha

Oops I think I called you Ayye in the Dhamma doodle discusssion, but apparently I got the gender wrong for which I apologize!

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I’ve split of this topic because I think it is a very interesting topic that deserves a thread of it’s own. (and it is no longer related to lightsabers :smile: :lightsaber_red: :lightsaber: )


Happy New Year to everyone! :rose::tulip::sunflower:

May the ‘Force’ be with you :lightsaber:

Live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute:

Dheerayupa :angel: