French Translations

Thanks for trying, Ayya. I have a complete set of his DN. He also did SN entirely, which alas I can’t find. The publisher did promptly give me his email but did not respond to my request to buy SN directly from them as they can no longer be found in stores. I also have his two smaller anthologies from various Nikayas published in pocket format, they seem to be the only translations of the Nikayas available in French. Such a sad state of affairs! The french reader must make his or her way through quite a wilderness of Buddhism before perhaps ending up here…


That’s so true! I first encountered Buddhism in France and was quite amazed when I became aware of how much of the Suttas had already been translated into German!

But perhaps these discussions about French Sutta translations should go to a separate thread … @moderators can you help?


I will split it into another thread.
Thanks for the suggestion Ayya!