SC Next, the future is before us!


This category has been created to facilitate the development of SC Next, the next generation of SuttaCentral, more geared towards mobile development, using Material Design and modern Polymer technologies to make the site easier to navigate and easier to read.

The below menu has been created for ease of navigation of this category.

The mockup can be viewed at: and (partly) available for life-view at

General flow of SC Next


Header toolbar and menus

Static pages - Home page

Suttaplex / Division pages

Text pages

Tooltips, Typography & Data Intentionality



Shadows & Elevation

Useful resources:

General flow of SC Next
MD Navigation Bar
MD Toolbar and menus
Text pages and sections
Tooltips, Typography, Data & Intentionality
Static Pages - Home page
Material Design Icons
MD Colors used on SC
Shadows and elevation
MD Header Toolbar
Suttaplex List pages
SuttaCentral custom elements
Next: 2do for the front end
Suggestion: Site Layout And Navigation