Translated the preceding sentence of "The Savanampahaṃ"

Dassana: insight
paha: able to
sa: The foll(= following ).
bhikkhu(ū): pl(plural).Nom(nominative).bhikkhū Vin. (monastics, Sangha)
na: that
vada: ( adj. ) (-°) (fr.vad)
Vāda: ( fr. vad:see vadati => tell
bahu: much, very, greatly
kāra: service(BE USEFUL )

bhikkhave Dassana+m+paha+ṃ , te+sa+ṃ bhikkhū+na+ṃ vada+āmi bahu+kāra+ṃ .
Dassanampahaṃ bhikkhave, tesaṃ bhikkhūnaṃ bahukāraṃ vadāmi.

This sentence is identical with the one I just analyzed, the only difference is that it uses dassana , “seeing”, instead of savana, “hearing”.

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“sujato” I confess to you my wrong.
I think that also could have been my question is this rude question.
I do this penance.

I think you also have to know about this.
I can not speak English.
Just in case if it is contrary to your administration policy
I will not do you any more questions.

No problems, you have done nothing wrong. i think it would be beneficial for you to do a structured course in pali. If someone has the time to offer one here, that would be great. But I am not able to do that at the moment.

@alalfhr There has been some discussion recently about Ven. Yuttadhammo conducting a formal course/study group in Pali in addition to our study of the Visuddhimagga. It would not be on the Discourse platform, but anyone would be welcome to join.


Very nice, thanks. I know Ven Bodhi has done something also.

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Thanks all for the resourceful links. If I’m correct, Ajahn @Brahmali also taught Pali in Bodhinyana monastery, does anyone know if those class recordings or videos are available online ?

Much Mettā,

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Dear Shivam and everyone,

I have taught Pali at Bodhinyana Monastery for many years and one of these courses was recorded. It is available on our private cloud. If anyone is interested in accessing this, please contact me privately.

With metta.


any possibility of making it available here?

I’ll check with our IT crew.

I would be very interested in audio files of your classes, Bhante (not sure how to contact you privately). Thanks!

Dear Linda,
In order to contact Aj Brahmali privately, just click on his ion above and you’ll see message option there. A quick screen shot

BTW an invite has been send to you, to join our private message

Thanks Shivan, I don’t think I’m posting these messages correctly and am rather confused about how to do it or what the two boxes & other options mean. Sorry, I’m not at all adept computer-wise or technically and seem to be having trouble with that aspect of these discussions.

Not sure this reply will get to you in the right place and I have no idea if I got a message through to Ajahn Brahmali (both boxes that came up had writing in them (other messages) so I wasn’t even sure where to type?

what does this mean please? Sorry for my ignorance. I mean the ‘invite’ above?

Dear @Linda, please don’t apologize if you find anything difficult: just ask, and we will help.

You mention two windows. When you compose a reply, the left hand window is for writing in, the right hand window shows you what your reply will look like.

To reply to any comment, just click “Reply” under that comment. The person to whom you are replying will be notified of your reply. You don’t have to do anything else, just post your reply.

If you want to notify anyone else of your comment, write their Discourse user name preceded by an @ sign, like I did above for you.

To upload a file, use the upload icon you can see just above the “compose” window, where you write your replies. Can you see it? If you hover over each of the icons they will tell you what they are.

Thank Bhante. Where are we notified that someone has replied ?
(I think I have that option checked in my preferences)?

I’m also not clear on how to contact someone privately (like
Ajahn Brahmali re the Pali classes; it didn’t seem to work when I tried Shivan’s suggestion). Also not clear what the ‘invite’ mentioned above means, who it’s to or where or how to access.

I’m glad the rest of the Sutta Central site is easier for me than these discussions :slight_smile: I use and appreciate it most ever day!

If someone replies to your comment, as I have here, you will get a little notification in the “speech bubble” icon in the top header of the site. At the very top, the right hand side, there’s search, a menu, and a “speech bubble”: see it?

Little numbers appear when someone has done something that’s relevant for you.

Just click the icon and you’ll see a list of the various actions people have done, whether replying, “liking”, or whatever.

Normally you shouldn’t have to change your preferences, the defaults are pretty good. Only change something if you’re having problems, like too many messages.

To send a private message, click that person’s avatar icon, and hit “message”.

If this doesn’t work, I suspect you may be using an old browser that doesn’t support the modern web properly. If this is the case, upgrade to a current Firefox or Chrome.

As for the Invite, in your notifications (“Speech Bubble”) you should see it. Accept the invitation and you will automatically join the conversation.

Dear @Linda,
No need to worry and apologise. Let me have a try.

When someone replies to your post, quotes your post, or mentions your @username, a number will immediately appear at the top right of the page. Use it access your notifications.
Don’t worry about missing a reply – you’ll be emailed direct replies (and private messages) if you aren’t online when they arrive.
The extreme left one is the notification centre :

You may have a look on these instructions by Bhante Sujato:
By ‘Invite’, I meant, the private message that I send to Aj brahmali, you’ll be able to participate in our chat.
Well, if have any problem pls feel free to ask anything, everyone is so helpful in this community. And, after recieving the Pali course recordings from Ajahn, If you like, I can send them to you privately to your email or any other way you say so :smile:

With much Mettā.

Thanks again Bhante. Hmmm, I think my browser might be part of the problem as well. Unfortunately I can no longer update/install new versions of any browser on my OS (I have an ancient–10 years old– computer)