Ven. Sujato's suttas for ereaders

Ven. @sujato, congratulations on translating the Nikayas and all the other good work that you have done.

Is there a way to get your translations as a .mobi and .epub for ereaders. Screens hurt my eyes, and also it’s handy to have then on kindle when I stay in monasteries with no internet.


We are planning to create printed as well as e-books but it will take a while before this is ready.


Ven. @sujato and Ven. @Vimala,

Would you please be able to provide a simple .doc file with all the translations?

This way we could already be using our e-readers while we await for the official e-books.

Thank you.

I see this is already being discussed in another topics, like this:

I’m sorry.

Lol no. Doc file is one of the least simple file formats, and we will never release anything in a complex, proprietary format like this.

Epubs are on their way, they will be here soon!


For my own personal use I made a PDF of the Digha Nikaya (SuttaCentral-2018.05.16).pdf (1.3 MB). I could make an EPUB once proofreading is completed, and I figure out how to do the formatting on EPUBs. Though, it might be better if someone with more experience did this. I barely knew what I was doing when I made this PDF. :laughing:


Could you upload a version of this file in something other than pdf? like .doc, docx, .odt, or even rtf? Usually pdf is only good as a final format when you expect nothing else to be done with the file.

Also, I uploaded an unofficial version of an MN epub in this thread…

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I know. As I said, I only made the PDF for my personal use, and I don’t know how to do the layout for EPUB files yet. I could just export one with LibreOffice, but it would likely be a mess.

Having affordable printed versions of the Nikayas will help so many people.

I remember as a struggling student how much further I got with the aide of the musty/dusty BPS leaves and wheels in the Vihara bookstore I could get for a dollar or two.

Thank You!

Please refer to this thread for updates about the epub version of the Sutta Pitaka.