UPED: user friendly pali english dictionary

UPED: user friendly pali english dictionary

Add links to any SCDD message which contains useful pali/english definitions, translator’s essays on terms, etc.

User friendly for people not fluent in pali, so:

  1. alphabetize things in English alphabetical order, treating special pali characters as the closest English equivalent letter.
  2. use suttacentral citation style with modern numbering system for sutta references. No roman numerals.
  3. Try to minimize alphabet soup crazy abbreviations like in PED. And if you use an abbreviation, define what it is.
  4. It’s not printed paper, you don’t have to cram everything into an unreadable paragraph. Use line spacing liberally, make things clear.

Pali special numeric formulas/concepts

5abi, ariyo bhāvit’-indriyo:

  • noble one’s developed faculties, 5 masteries of perception
  • UPED 5abi

16 APS :wind_face: :triumph: (Ānā-pāna-s-sati)

16 APSS :wind_face: :triumph: (Ānā-pāna-s-sati-samādhi)

  • exact same practice as 16 APS, only the name of practice has added description “samādhi” (undistractable-lucidity)

Pali terms (clickable links)



  • = commitment
  • The suttas have nothing that corresponds to adiṭṭhāna in the sense of “resolve, determination (to attain Buddhahood in the future”.


aneka-vihitaṃ iddhi-vidhaṃ pacc-anu-bhoti: supernormal powers, #1 of 6 abhiñña

ariyo bhāvit’-indriyo, noble one’s developed faculties

  • see 5abi


caṅkama: walking meditation

ek’-agga, ekaggatā

ekodi, ekodi-bhāva

kāya: body

  • body: just as in English, kāya/body means a collection of things, not just the anatomical body. But in meditative contexts, such as MN 10, MN 119 kāya-anupassana, the flesh and blood physical body is the primary reference point from which other layered and more nuanced understandings of kāya may be built on top of.
  • in 16 APS :wind_face: :triumph: step 3, kāya is first and foremost the anatomical body.

nimitta: sign

samādhi: undistractable-lucidity

  • other common translations: concentration, composure
  • UPED samādhi




Vitakka & Vicāra: directed-thought and evaluation of that very same directed-thought


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