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Can we add feature XYZ to search?

Maybe! See our Github issue for search. If your request isn’t there, please request it in a new thread here on Discourse.

Why doesn’t SuttaCentral have footnotes?

See discussion here.

Can we add view for reading Pali and translation side by side, or line by line?

Yes! For translations on the main site by Bhante Sujato, and soon Bhante Brahmali and others.

How do I use this forum?

There are some helpful guides here. Otherwise, just ask.

Can I get enlightened by reading SuttaCentral if I don’t meditate?


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When the change happened in the look of this site I lost the ability to log-out on my phone?


Thanks Laurence, someone else mentioned this, and we will look into it. But I also wonder, why do you want to log out? Normally I just close the window, it never occurred to me that I’d ever want to log out, so I’m just curious.


Perhaps this might be helpful; on occasion, i have felt that abstaining from posting is appropriate for me for a time. Logging out at those times helps me govern my impulses, be thoughtful. It is a gimmick reminder, easily self imposed!

I realize this is an old thread; worth reviving from time to time perhaps.


how does one know when meditation has taken place? what is it?


Hello connie,

A warm welcome to the forum.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean here, could you maybe clarify?


thanks, Aminah.
I was responding to a FAQ about whether one could become enlightened (thru reading here & ) not meditating. Here, we assume enlightenment (whatever that is) is actually possible today. If so, reading might be a Hearing the Voice of Another , but what is meant by ‘meditation’ & how does one know if there’s been any? I know when (I think) I’ve seen something, but how do we tell if there’s been some “meditation”?
do not pass go…